NYPD Counter Terrorism Unit

Complete with black wolf dogs, black crash helmets like skateboarders’, knee pads, bullet proof vests (I think?) and sophisticated versions of M16s, NYPD’s Counter Terrorism Unit is in Herald Square subway station again, ignoring the black kid doing a Michael Jackson break-dance busk with a boom box, or maybe just his ipod connected to speakers, and the waves of commuters washing around them. They’re after other fish. It’s the second time in a month that I’ve seen them. But it makes sense to see them here: Herald Square is a big midtown nerve-sensitive node, a nexus with Macy’s, the Empire State, Fashion Avenue and Times Square nearby. An article from this strangely-named blog (www.pajamadeen.com)¬†provides an explanation.


Published by

David McBloglin

My name is David McLoghlin, I am the author of "Waiting for Saint Brendan and Other Poems" (Salmon Poetry, July 2012); I am an Irish poet, writer and literary translator, who currently lives in New York, and blogs about its vicissitudes, while not writing other things, like my 2nd collection. I moved to NYC in 2010 to study at NYU's MFA Program in Creative Writing, from which I graduated in 2012, two months before my book was published. Before moving to the US, I lived in Ireland, Spain, Belgium, France, the USA, and travelled in a variety of countries (including Morocco, Czechoslovakia (when it was that country), Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Norway), whilst engaged in a number of pursuits. Newyorkperistalsis.wordpress.com came about as a catch-all for impressions related to moving to NYC alone: culture shock, in essence, and all her ugly sisters.

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