Poets Against Sexual Violence: Fundraiser for RAINN (Part Three)

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Dear Friends, here is a poem by one of the exciting poets who is participating in our fundraiser for the nonprofit RAINN, which advocates for survivors of sexual violence in the USA. Her name is Venessa Marco, and the poem in question is “Patriarchy”. Please watch her perform it here, in the article written about her in The Huffington Post. The poem gets at what is at the root of sexual violence affecting women, and we’re proud to have her as part of the line up next Saturday (29th April at 7 p.m.) at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop.

Venessa Marco
Venessa Marco at All DEF Poetry, Inkslam 2014

If you missed my previous post about my motivations for organising the reading, you can read it here. The post has all the information you will need to donate to RAINN, and directions if you would like to come to the reading, which is at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop on Saturday, 29th April at 7 p.m.

Venessa Marco is an Afro-descendent writer by way of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Marco has been featured on the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Upworthy and The Feminist Wire. She was allocated the Cora Craig Author Award for young women writers and her book is forthcoming in Penmanship Books. A feature on her here on www.vibe.com.