Three Boroughs – Acrostically

Because the streets are ethnically exciting, and

Rare with the mingling of many nations –

Of Islam, Israel, Palestine; silver Silk Road beards;

Oman, Oviedo, Spain, even, because

Kurdistan is a real Love, and invisible passion,

Longing that does not go away, although divided;

Yurts and many traditional dwellings of their fathers

Nurture their sleep to help them through their waking exile.


Quests are under estimated things these days.

Uruguay. Ah, to say it. Paraguayans are here, like this borough

Even though New Yorkers tend not to holiday in Asunci├│n, prefer

Europe, the usual, even though the dollar weakens.

Never mind – there’s still the undiscovered country of

Staten Island: “she says ‘for Chrissake Mikey,wear something other than sweat pants!'” you heard on the ferry.


Many of us are here. We know what we want, don’t know where we’re going.

(Anthill? No. Centre of Empire.) Anyway, it doesn’t matter

Neither does anyone in the world apart from Himalayan gurus in ice caves.

Here at least there’s pleasures varied:

Arctic berries flown in from

Tromso, edible Cacti from many Guatemalan territories,

Things for just us to sample, on our island.

And, luxuries of time, or space? – that’s for retirement, baby.

Nor should you fret. When you get to here, you deserve the best ramen, best sushi. Farm tuna when the Japs eat the last Blue Fin.